Booties Nanuk Wedge Black


The collection of Australian boots for women from Break & Walk is the most iconic line of the firm thanks to the great variety of models and designs that make it one of the most complete collections. The NANUK model is one of the most characteristic of the brand and consists of:

  • Synthetic rubber sole
  • Exterior in synthetic material
  • Height of the lower cane
  • Logo of the brand on the heel
  • Braided to detail mode
  • Interior in synthetic hair
  • Interior in synthetic hair
  • Ref. II222101-0020-39

    La guía que se muestra a continuación es específica para calzado: 

    TALLA Longitud Pie (CM)
    36 - M 23.3
    37 - M 24.0
    38 - L 24.7
    39 - L 25.3
    40 - L 26.0
    41 26.7

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