B&W Break&Walk is nowadays one of the reference brands in the sector of young ladies’ footwear. Covering the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of its products. B&W Break&Walk is a company present in more than 22 countries, totalling over 1650 points of sale in Europe, America and Asia.

Transparency, confidence and security are the values that inspire B&W Break&Walk’s philosophy. Their products are developed with love, sense of responsibility and a commitment to make life easier for women aged from 25 to 45.

B&W Break&Walk is part of a Spanish group of companies with an experience of over 25 years in business. The main offices are based in Elche, one of the main centres of footwear production in Spain. This fact allows the company to fulfil all his production locally, enabling a quick response to the demands of the markets.

Their main goal is to provide solutions for every woman’s daily life, developing different lines that adapt to the different needs of each situation. All of these lines are designed by a dedicated team, and the marketing and managing structure is completely customer-oriented.

Keeping up with the brand philosophy – comfort and design, in 2008 B&W Break & Walk Formentera is created, a new collection aimed at women with a taste for the natural who nevertheless will not give up the latest trends.

These lines present more feminine designs that thrive on the current trends without losing their girlish appeal. That is the reason of their lasting success and great demand, and why B&W Formentera is one of the most consolidated brands in B&W Break&Walk.

In order to achieve the utmost efficiency in a multipurpose business, all main departments are located at the company headquarters: management, administration, financial, technological. sourcing, marketing and human resources, as well as some other relevant corporative functions